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A global community of dog lovers

United by our DOGMA, we celebrate the DOG SPIRIT-BOND! We create experiences to unite our community through art, music, fashion, and film.  We pave the way for the future of pets in the workplace through our project; Best Pet Workplaces. Launching this Summer we plan to get our members together to walk their canines every Saturday, connect with friends, and receive amazing perks by joining the Saturday Dog Club! We’ll also stay in touch with all of you by sharing positive content on our social networks year round. 

There is so much we can learn from our dogs! From overcoming hardship to getting motivated, there are so many examples of how our furry friends can be the catalyst in transforming our lives. See testimonials of how other WUFers have been impacted by the DOG SPIRIT-BOND.

All about our WUF x events

Join our gatherings centered around art, music, fashion, and film where we meet with other dog-lovers, artists, performers, vendors, and brands who hold canines in high regard and just enjoy each other’s company. Learn more about our WUF x Events.

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Best Pet Workplaces

We’re also improving the conversation about inclusive workplaces for our pets. That’s why we’re enrolling some of the largest companies in the country to participate in the BEST PET WORKPLACES program in partnership with Nationwide Pet Insurance.  This can open up the workplace to be more welcoming to our lovely companions because, as the science tells us, pets provide physical, mental and fiscal benefits for employees at every level across every industry!

Saturday Dog Club

We all thrive in packs and gathering three times a year is just not enough! That’s why we’re building the SATURDAY DOG CLUB to meet up and walk our dogs together. By joining in large numbers, we can collaborate with both local shops and corporations to get amazing perks and benefits. So our pack gets pampered while socializing outdoors, a win-win-win situation! Our first SDC walks launch later this Summer.