A membership of curated experiences, product drops & more...

Get access to curated Members only WUF Clubhouse, flagship events, special Merch, and so much more.

Meet and connect with other members, support local businesses and generate meaningful community impact.

What you get
Access to WUF community & experiences
  • Curated Events

    Connect, eat, drink, relax with entertainment, speakers + incredible brand activations.

  • Clubhouse Access

    to events in our WUF Clubhouse and Studios.

  • One Off Merch

    All WUF members get artist designed merch.

  • Curated Content

    WUF develop and broadcast exclusive content for the community.

  • Member Connect

    Connect with WUF members via our app (coming soon!).

  • +2 Guests

    bring up to +2 guests to any of the WUF events and experiences.

  • Member Rates

    Member rates at our partner businesses.

  • Global Benefits

    Members get love from brands we love.

Members Spotlight
  • Travel & Adventure


  • Personal Growth


  • Art

    Hugo and Noel

  • Family

    Hope and Ben

  • Sports

    Pedals and Paws

  • Motherhood

    Brooke and Kodah

  • Culinary

    Andrew and Poppy

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