We celebrate dogs with events

Hosting events to gather our community is our primary goal, which is how WUF originated. We started out by finding artists who portray dogs in their artwork, pairing them up with brands who believed in them, getting them a venue and so we popped up our first WUFxART event in the Los Angeles Art District in 2021. We loved it so much that we expanded to musicians and created WUFxMUSIC in 2022! By 2023 we launched WUFxFILM with filmmakers at the Sundance Film Festival. This year, we will be having our second WUFxMUSIC gathering and our third WUFxART event!


WUFxART is a community celebration at the intersection of culture, dogs, and their parents. This experience brings together dozens of artists, vendors, and brands, all united in commemorating our dogs and the humanity they bring out in us. The event features art exhibits and leadership discussions. These are some of the featured artist that have joined us, this is what they have to say:

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Chris Pedraza

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Made by London

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Tommi Lim | Artist Profile

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WUFxMUSIC 2022 was the first music festival celebrating dogs and the way they unite our communities.  From last year’s event;  100% of proceeds went to benefit the Eastwood Ranch Foundation. This year, in addition to the music, WUFxMUSIC 2023 will also offer a range of interactive activities and experiences that celebrate the joy and wonder of our furry friends. Attendees can look forward to a dog-themed photo booth, meet-and-greet sessions with trained dogs and their handlers, and opportunities to learn more about dog-related charities and causes. 



WUFxFilm is the perfect event for dog lovers, film enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a fun and  meaningful way to engage with the Sundance Film Festival. Featuring a carefully curated selection of films that highlight the incredible stories of dogs and their human companions. From heartwarming tales of rescue and loyalty to exciting adventures and comedic capers, WUFxFilm delivers a diverse and engaging billboard of premiers that appeal to audiences of all ages and interests.